About Me

Hi y’all! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I am currently serving as Associate Pastor for Next Generation Ministries at Seattle First Baptist Church. I am a 2018 graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School and a 2014 graduate of Oberlin College. I was ordained by an Alliance of Baptists-associated congregation in April 2018. I am interested in ecotheology and feminist theology, and love thinking about how to make Christian social justice education  and rituals accessible to young children. I hang out with the Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches, the Alliance of Baptists, Young Clergywomen International and the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America~Bautistas por la Paz. When I’m not prepping kids’ crafts or sermonizing, I enjoy writing, kayaking, dancing, singing, eating at church potlucks and watching movies with my partner and my cat.

I hope something on my blog resonates with you. I welcome comments and feedback as long as it is made in a respectful and open-minded manner. Please feel free to share prayer requests as well. I hold all my readers in my heart.

In peace,

Rev. Anita

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