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If you’re bummed by the time change and the coming darkness, read this!

Hello y’all.

It’s been a while (August 18 to November 3–wow!) I’ll post an update soon, but I wanted to share this great article with you all. This author writes about why she loves the beginning of winter, the times of dark creeping earlier into the daytime. This resonates with me a lot right now, as the time change just ocurred this last weekend and now, being in the eastern part of the Central time zone of the USA, it gets fully dark by 5:00pm. Not ok. But Jeanette Winterson reminds us that this is a beautiful time of mystery, a time to light candles and separate ourselves from artificial light. A time to embrace the need to hibernate, but also to sink into the familiar landscape around us that becomes unfamiliar in the darkness.

I like thinking about this article in terms of the coming of Advent (which you know is MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR). It is important to wait in the darkness of Advent before we can bear witness to the humble birth of Christ, the Light of the World. It is important to contemplate the brokenness of the world from time to time, to contemplate the mystery of the incarnation. It is special because we can see the coming light far off in the distance, even while we are surrounded by darkness.



She/her. Michigan born and raised, Nashville-loving, Seattle-dwelling. Progressive Baptist pastor. Affiliated with Alliance of Baptists and Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America~Bautistas por la Paz.

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