Formations #4: Humble Feet

(This is part of a blog series for my Formation of Christian Traditions class) One of my very favorite stories from the Desert Fathers is from Abba John the Persian. “It was said of Abba John the Persian that when some evildoers came to harm him, he took a basin and wanted to wash their [...]


Formations #3: Shhhhhhhhh! It’s Quiet Hours! Contemplative Silence in Monasticism

  (This is part of a blog series for my Formation of Christian Traditions class) When I was a guest of the Taize community in southeastern France during my first year of college, my companions and I were invited to take on a week of silence. Yes, a WEEK of SILENCE. No talking, no communication [...]

Living Like God is Real

1 Samuel 2:1-10 Who has ever asked God for something? Who has ever prayed for something to happen or for God to reveal the meaning of something? Well, then, in a way, we are just like Hannah. Before we talk about the famous song of Hannah in our scripture today, we are going to need [...]

Formations #2: Roommates, Monks and Community: Oh My!

(This post is part of series for my Formations of Christian Traditions class) Do you have a roommate? How is it going? Have you found out each other’s worst habits and Netflix passwords yet? I was blessed when I lived in community after college to have four amazing housemates who were kind and funny and [...]

God’s Quilt

Ruth Chapter 1:1-18  My friend Emily has a beautiful quilt. Her mother made one for each granddaughter in the family following her grandmother’s death from scraps of fabric collected by her grandmother so that they might remember each other when they are far away. As Emily has traveled from her hometown in the desert of [...]

What Do Monks Have To Do With It? (Formations Blog #1)

(This post is part of a series of blog posts I am writing for my Formations of Christian Traditions class. They are aimed towards progressive Christian college students!) The January dawn was dark and chilly. I slept in my wool socks and a sweater inside my sleeping bag. My college friends and I roused ourselves [...]