Lent: A Season of Holy Unearthing

One thought on “Lent: A Season of Holy Unearthing”

  1. One of the obvious things about Lent that I never stopped to think about until this year is that throughout Lent things are getting warmer, brighter, and lighter. The days let longer. People get happier. Spring arrives during Lent, not Easter. The ground, the dirt, the plants, and flowers and trees the skies are all crawling with life while Lent proceeds. And it just gets more. You don’t dig in the earth in the middle of winter, but it’s during Lent that you get to get your hands dirty, not waiting for the life to come but seeing how that life is unfolding to the climax that Easter guarantees. I tell people that if their Lenten disciplines (diggings) aren’t unearthing life and light then stop doing them.


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