Advent and Waiting for Justice

2 thoughts on “Advent and Waiting for Justice”

  1. Wow, yeah, we are so similar.

    It’s been a long process for me to become a feminist, and an even longer one for me to be outspoken and proud of it. I have only recently been feeling convicted about the fact that I am speaking up for the oppressed minority of which I am a part. Necessary, yes, but also self-serving. My growing awareness of racialized police brutality has made me want to expand beyond my own needs and use my privilege to give voice to other groups of oppressed people. Thank you for once again confirming that desire!

    And I LOVE how you ended by stating that advent isn’t about relaxing. Christianity is a religion of tension–we live in the in between. Great and beautiful redemption has been begun….but it is not yet complete. We aren’t meant to sit in Sunday School classes and pray for Jesus to return so that we can avoid the complications of life. We are meant to dive into those complications and represent Jesus in our work at redeeming individuals, institutions, and the planet. We shouldn’t wind down (though I am SUPER familiar with weekends filled with Netflix and hot chocolate), we should speed up, work harder, and trust that God is with us as we pursue a just society.

    I’m so glad to have been connected with you. I love your thoughts.

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