“Fear Not: The Work of Justice as a Reproductive Rights Issue”

This blog post was originally written for the Scarritt Bennett Center blog. When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary in her home, he said, “Fear not.” These encouraging words have been uttered throughout the Biblical and Gospel texts to many people whom God has chosen to have a special role in the world (Hagar, Abraham, [...]


Advent and Waiting for Justice

I love advent. I recently wrote a blog post about it for my job, complete with some quotes from one of my favorite advent devotional reflections and a sturdy condemnation of the commercialization of Christmas. But this year is really challenging. I started out well, with my three (yes, three) advent books by my bedside, [...]

The coming of the commercialization of Christmas

This blog post was originally published for and on Scarritt Bennett Center's blog. Soooo, I wrote this blog post a couple weeks ago about the consumer culture of Black Friday. Naturally, the day after Thanksgiving, I was going to go to The Santa Claus Parade in Peoria, IL, which basically celebrates the commercialization of Christmas. [...]